Monday, May 11, 2009

The twitterverse

I've succumbed and opened a Twitter account: rrhodeswriter

Thus far, the twitterverse seems a fascinating place. Am following established writers such as Neil Gaiman, Jeff VanderMeer, Jay Lake, and Tobias Buckell, as well as practical entities such as The White House and The CDC. (Am also following someone posing as Darth Vader and someone's cat--but hey, the cat is rather hilarious.) Much potential here, if and when I publish the next story/stories and the elusive first novel.

Speaking of which, am leaning toward going full-bore with Misericordia. (To oversimplify: humans versus vampires after a 150-year truce. Classic fantasy elements ... but not your classic vampires. Also, abundant room for exploration of social Darwinism.)

Cheers, RR

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