Thursday, June 21, 2012

Change of course

Dear Reader, I'm still alive. Also, I'm still writing. My intention last year was to write Goldspire, a sword-against-sorcery novel. At some point in the late spring, though, I lost momentum and turned my attention to other pursuits. Mostly good ones--time with my family, work, playing and coaching soccer, Dungeons & Dragons, comic books--but non-writing ones. I did write one fantasy short story for a proposed anthology and am awaiting word on its fate. We recently returned from a vacation in Costa Rica, and while there, I had an idea for an "urban fantasy" novel. (Quick tangent: as far as non-fantasy thrillers go, The Day of the Jackal is unequivocally masterful.) I've enjoyed reading some urban fantasy novels (e.g. Hanover's Black Sun's Daughter series and Hearne's Iron Druid series) but have absolutely cringed at others. I came to this conclusion, though: pre-Enlightenment fantasy is somewhat at low tide now, and though I'm confident in the potential of Goldspire, it's a tough book to write (multiple, third-person viewpoints), and I'm not sure it's the best time for me to bear that burden while also holding a full-time job and parenting two high-intensity boys. A first-person, contemporary voice, on the other hand ... Which leads me to my new work-in-progress: Peacemaker. It's the opening of the story of Dylan Galloway, a youth minister in Atlanta who also serves as the assistant of Father Luis Rocha, a full-fledged exorcist. After Padre Luis vanishes, Dylan must find him and discover what sinister plan would require the exorcist's kidnapping as its first step. I'm excited. Cheers, RR

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