Friday, March 28, 2008

The Return of the Sword - now available

This gorgeous anthology features 20 sword-and-sorcery and heroic fantasy tales by some of the most exciting authors in the genres and includes a thorough article on writing by E.E. Knight and a classic tale by Harold Lamb. Highly recommended for readers of high school age and beyond. To order it, click the button above--strike now!--or visit

Of course, I'm delighted that my story "To Be A Man" is featured in it. A few words about it: the thief Vasili has enjoyed a rich and ribald life with his partner, the notorious Titania Brashnova. But when Titania finally goes too far, Vasili must attempt his greatest con yet: ending their partnership ... without ending himself.

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Howard von Darkmoor said...

And a most enjoyable read is "To Be A Man" folks! Great action adventure with an adept touch of humour is not easy to pull off, and Robert's done that and much more!

Thanks for the plug, Rob! Here's to keeping RotS on people's hearts and minds and shopping lists!