Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why am I here?

At long last, I've done it. I've broken down and started a web-log.

I confess this isn't something I've wanted to do. I believe it was Guy Gavriel Kay--a fantasy author I admire greatly--who had no web-based presence for a long time because (to paraphrase) he was inclined to take after a Roman emperor and let people wonder why there was not a website (or statue) dedicated to him, as opposed to wondering why there was. (Since then, fans have developed an excellent site,

In the spirit of that sentiment, and the simple fact that I'm all but unknown as a writer, let me be clear that starting a blog isn't a testament to my greatness, but rather a means of (I hope) forming friendships and becoming part of a community of people who believe that words and stories-- especially those that value goodness, beauty, and truth--can still enlighten, entertain, and encourage. (And what better day for a beginning than this glorious Easter Sunday?)

Thank you for walking with me on my writer's journey. Cheers, Rob


CaroleMcDonnell said...

Wow! A great and gentle and hopeful post. God bless your website, Rob! -C

Kat said...

Looks nice, Rob!