Sunday, August 10, 2008

What can one do with a S&S degree ...?

In the fall of 2006, Howard Andrew Jones graciously invited me to assist him in completing an article--perhaps the article--on the history of sword-and-sorcery for a literary encyclopedia. We worked hard to complete the article by February of 2007, and I'm pleased to announce it will be published this October.

The article, "The Sword in the Mirror: A Century of Sword & Sorcery," will appear in the mammoth Greenwood Encyclopedia of New American Reading. I'd like to thank Howard for the experience, as at least 90% of the word count is his, and can now say that I'm officially a gentleman and a scholar, even if the latter is in as esoteric a field as S&S. (Esoteric ... but undoubtedly fun.)


Nik said...

Congratulations, Rob. I caught wind of this article when Howard mentioned it on, and I'm looking forward to reading it.

von Darkmoor said...

Totally cool news, Rob! Congrats to you and Howard!

First a teacher at a select summer writer's camp, now a recognized encyclopedic authority! What's next? :)

Chris Willrich said...

That's great news -- congrats!